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April 29 – T-6B, T-45C

Friday, April 29 — In at 7:25, overcast, rain on the way, just a Cessna TTX on the ramp. Worked in Magazine Room from 8:30 to 1 when I came back to office and saw a perfectly parked T-6B. Made … Continue reading

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April 28 — Short Skyvan, F-15

Thursday, April 28 — In at 7:25, calm, sunny and clear after rain overnight. Had a nice visit with a Lear 45 pilot very interested in the models, walked with me out to the ramp where I phot’d his 45. … Continue reading

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Air Combat Museum tour with friends

I don’t know how the pictures I intended to share at my Facebook AeroKnow Museum page connected directly with my AKM BLOG, but they did, so I’m trying to include them intentionally in this second post for the day.  Captions … Continue reading

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April 27 – AKM visitors, Bombardier 100, Lear 45

Wednesday, April 27 — In at 6:55, much cooler than recently, very overcast, threatening rain. Worked on magazine box labels. Took one picture of a Bombardier 100 and late in the day, a few of a WalMart Lear 45.  Drove … Continue reading

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April 26 – P-51D of Air Combat Museum/Mike George

Tuesday, April 26 — In at 10 after visit to dentist promted by my fall at employer Saturday. Saw Air Combat Museum’s un-cowled P-51 in their ramp so I walked over with camera from my office right after parking at … Continue reading

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April 25 – P-51D of Air Combat Museum

Monday, April 25  — In at 6:50, clear and windy. Took the office trash out and went dumpster diving in the dumpster behind the hangar when I saw a Wall Street Journal facing up that looked clean and hadn’t been … Continue reading

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April 24

Sunday, April 24 — In at 7:15, sunny and calm, Mooney and DA-42 on ramp. Processed pictures until noon. Took no pictures all day. I’m still very sore from my fall Saturday at employer. Walked to terminal for vending machine … Continue reading

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