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Wall Street Journal Presence at AKM

Soon after moving out to the airport, I noticed the FBO host here (Landmark Aviation in 2010) received four copies of Wall Street Journal every day, a courtesy to visiting pilots and passengers who were welcome to read and even … Continue reading

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May 18 — Cessna Citation VII, Cessna CJ1

Wed, May 18 —  In at 8:50 after a “rocky night”, sleep wize, at home. Sunny, calm, Swearingen on the ramp. Took a fast three pics of it. Processed pictures and worked on models all day, mostly the U-2. When … Continue reading

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A Nice Visitor’s Letter

Late in the afternoon of May 17, 2016, I opened a letter from visitors to AKM’s WELCOME Room last week. The pilot came in first and talked at length with me about the Citation and AKM. The conversation was as … Continue reading

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May 17 – Cessna 310R

Tue, May 17 — In at 7:25, overcast, calm, DA-42 on the ramp. Worked 8:50 to 9:50 in Process Rm. Put away more files,worked on U=2 and painted all the bombs to be hung on the B-52. To Welcome Rm … Continue reading

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May16 – Embraer Phenom 100

Mon, May 16 — In at 6:30, calm and sunny. Ramp with no planes. Delayed engagement of OPERATION PLASTIC RESOLVE so I could process all the pictures from Sunday. As I did so, was visited by a convivial couple from … Continue reading

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May 15 – Dassault Falcon 7X

Sun, May 15 — In at 6:50, sunny, cool and a little windy; just the Tundra-tire Piper on the ramp. Met the gents — Steve, a former first officer with Chuck M at Ozark, and Ken — who were flying … Continue reading

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May 14 – Piper Super Cub

Sat, May 14 —  In at 7:05, overcast, cool. Processed pictures and worked in Magazine Room before getting  together some magazines to cull for articles. Off to employer and had an excellent day there for AKM. Accomplished a LOT; got … Continue reading

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OPERATION PLASTIC RESOLVE (OPR)  begins Sunday, March 15 at about 8 am. Here is the story that led to my creating it. . . . .    As founder of AeroKnow Museum, which has won modest renown for educating hundreds … Continue reading

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May 13 – T-45

Fri, May 13 —  In at 9:05, cool, sunny & calm, beautiful morning. Processed photos most of morning and worked on April Lincoln Flyer. Finished two pages. This issue is taking forever. I’m way behind, but it’s hard to produce … Continue reading

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May 12 – Piper Aztec, Rockwell 690C

Thu, May 12 — In at 9:10 feeling fully recovered from the ongoing travails from the infected teeth that were extracted Monday, but gums are still swollen, no pain until I put the new denture in and try to chew … Continue reading

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