The picture at the header of this blog was taken at Springfield Air Rendezvous 2006 and shows Vlado Lenoch’s P-51 Mustang “Moonbeam McSwine” flying formation with an F-15E during a Heritage Flight fly-by. The picture was taken by AeroKnow Museum founder/director Job Conger.

Abe Lincoln’s Air Force is the support element of AeroKnow, an aviation data bank and model airplane museum in Springfield, Illinois with public viewing area located at Landmark Aviation, Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport, Springfield, Illinois. Membership in Abe Lincoln’s Air Force is yours for $15 cash, check or money order made payable to AeroKnow and directed to 428 W. Vine St., Springfield, Illinois 62704-2933. Membership generates a custom-numbered and printed membership certificate suitable for framing and a membership card suitable for wallet or purse. Membership entitles members to our bi-monthly e-newsletter, access to our research room and model airplane kit collection  and discounts on merchandise offered for sale. Visit  AeroKnow on the Web — http://www.aeroknow.com

2 Responses to About

  1. Dick Henthorn says:

    The header photo is neat. I thought at first it was PhotoShopped.

  2. Job Conger says:

    Dick Henthorn is an internationally respected genealogist who is the first person to comment about this new blog. Who will be number two?

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