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December 2 – Mooney 201

Wednesday, December 2 — In at 8:55, very chilly and light snow falling, melting on the ground. Still just the one Mooney 231 on the ramp. Met an American Airlines 767 captain and phot’d his newly overhauled visiting Mooney 201. … Continue reading

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Visit With a Distinguished TexiCalifornian

Several years ago, I wrote a letter to the new editor of the American Aviation Historical Society’s Journal in which I cordially described my discontentment with the simple mistakes that I was encountering too frequently in their otherwise-excellent quarterly publication.  … Continue reading

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Newpapers Seriously

  For the past several weeks at my employer (not related to aviation though I would commit a minor misdemeanor to find a job here at the local airport) I’ve been processing what I call scraps (small clippings from magazines … Continue reading

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Distinguished Army Visitors

It took me a second or two for my eyes to adjust to all the polished brass on their uniforms. On June 5, these two gentlemen entered the AeroKnow Museum office as I sat at the computer, and I did … Continue reading

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