Weekly Report — November 10 — November 16

PICTURE of the Week
DSC08363This Diamond DA-42 was built in Austria, powered by diesel engines. Mike George of George Alarm Company is a partner in the airplane. It has arrived in town Nov 8; I phot’d it Nov 10. He loves the airplane.

Sun Nov 10 — Another rough time at home, napping after dinner, awakening close to midnight and having a heck of a time getting back to sleep. Arrived AKM at 10:45 after cleaning up around the house. Worked on AHEC material. Slow going early. Sent Advisory Council news to Board and Contacts list. Phot’d Kent Borecky is working toward his instrument ticket with CFI Bob Hammond and dad Brian Borcky with Cessna 172, later a Diamond DA-42 and a Citation X. Visited with a Skyhawk pilot who refuelled after a flight from Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Showed him most of the upstairs. Later Hammond and Kent toured AKM office. Processed ALL the pictures taken today and wrote a Honey & Quinine “My Chevy Anne” and a weekly AKM blog re week’s activities Oct 27 to Nov 2.  Departed for home at 8:00.

Mon, Nov 11 —  In at 7:20. Veterans’ Day. Showered for the first time since the haircut more than a week ago. Felt good. Angry sky with light wind threatening rain. Photo’d Ces Citation spooling up and taxying. Tidied up the desk some more. Logged finances until 10:10. Inventoried AWSTs until 11:45. No visitors. To work from noon to 5 … which went fine. Indexed many AWSTs from 1973. The drive back in dark and dizzle was a challenge! Was nervous every inch of it. Inventoried TWO YEARS of AWST until 6:30. Anxious to get some dinner.Went home via grocer at 6:45.
—– DIDN’T make it to grocer. Anne, my truck, died at J. David Jones Parkway and Veterans. Had it towed to Stoldt’s Service on south Fifth Street by Shaner’s and he gave me a ride home in the freezing rain and wind. A real BLESSING, that driver! I had nothing to eat in the house but bread and jam so I had six pieces of toast and wine. Slept pretty well in BED – not the recliner in the living room – and turned the radio on low. Slept straight through to morning just fine. Called Stolt a little after 7, George picked me up and took me to work. Turns out I had run out of fuel, and the problem I was having with a slight rumbling at higher speeds was bad ignition wires. Counting the $45 tow, the bill was $212. A WONDERFUL price compared with what I was fearing.

Tue, Nov 12 —  Back to AKM at 5:20, truck ran great. Sent agenda and minutes off to AHEC Board and Contacts. Inventoried two years of AWSTs before going to grocer and home at 7:10, really tired! Learned the upstairs residents have no heat. They will call the repairman.

Wed, Nov 13 —  In at 6:40, later than I wanted to be. 19 degrees out, clear and still. Model club reminder to Facebook and scanned pictures upstairs for Bob and  Stoldt Service biz card. Phot’d a TBM 850 registered to the Isle of Mann but the light wasn’t prime.
Back after a productive day at work. Learned it’s going to cost an entire PAYCHECK to fix upstairs furnaces, but I have no choice. She STILL hasn’t paid penny ONE of November’s rent! The model club made a field trip to Hobby Lobby on the far south side of town. Posted pics on Facebook and went home at 9:10 for dinner, absolutely TIRED.

Thu, Nov 14 —  In at 7:25. Arising from bed does not appeal to me as it used to. Maybe I’m becoming a teenager. Inventoried AWST for 1978 and 1982. Off to TGG. Work was okay. FINISHED indexing 1974 AWSTs; brought them back to AKM. Inventoried 1974 and 1979 here. Stopped at 6:53. Checked e & Fb, am tired, hungry. Went home at 7:10.

Fri, Nov 15 —  In at 7:15. Overcast and still. Inventoried 1987 AWSTs. Work went fine. Indexed all of the 1984 AWSTs! To Wal-Mart to check on Carlo Rossi and found it at $11.97. Did some more grocery shopping and back to AKM about 6:15 to bring the magazines in from the truck. Posted a long one at Fb and went home at 6:35.

Sat, Nov 16 —  Another rough night after napping early and hardly sleeping from 1 to 8 when I finally rose to come out to the airport. Arrived 8:30, photo’d a Citation Sovereign, windy and threatening rain. Moved boxes of AAHS upstairs for awhile. The AHEC “Advisory Council” meeting was sub-par, even for GB who’s the president of the org.  On the positive side, between the meeting and leaving today I inventoried the rest of the AWSTs and began moving the indexed ones upstairs. I tidied the box room upstairs, returned to office. Posted pictures from CIPM trip to Hobby Lobby. That’s PROGRESS. MUST catch up with things upstairs Sunday. I went home at 7:10.


About Job Conger

I am a freelance aviation, business and tourism writer, poet, songwriter. My journalism appears regularly in Springfield Business Journal and Illinois Times. I am author of Springfield Aviation from Arcadia Publishing and available everywhere. As founder/director of AeroKnow Museum (AKM) and a volunteer with American Aviation Historical Society (AAHS), I created this blog to share news about AKM activity and aviation history.
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