The Week that Was — January 26 to February 1

Sun, Jan 26 — Up at 7:50 and showered for the first time in too long. Am totally out of bar soap; will buy one bar when I stop for a few other groceries going home. Spent a lot of time recording some songs for a Fb  aviation friend (henceforth known as “Mary Damiga”) and then trying to discover how to send her one. Sent my new years song and she loved it. Too bad she’s married. LUCKY sonofagun. 🙂  Took a bunch of unhappiness from friends who were upset with my post about deleting manufactured “wisdom” and warm fuzzy pics. Those who know me understood and those who don’t, l understand their reaction. Transferred several pictures from the computer files to CDs. Had some wonderful visitors to AKM in late afternoon, including a gentleman from Morgantown, West Virginia, retired USAF enlisted who now flies a Citation II, whose daughter just moved to town and works at best buy. Another visitor was a FAC in Vietnam. Gentlemen BOTH, an honor to talk with them. Sent my recording of “If Pigments Had Wings” to Mary Damiga. By 4:20, I was feeling far better about the day than before. Decided to hit the trail for grocer and home at 4:50.

Mon, Jan 27 —  Went to Lenscrafters optomatrist and had eyes examined. I need to have my cataracts removed, but I am a legal driver in the meantime. Work was ROUGH from five minutes after arrival — RUSHRUSHRUSH from George. And I had to pay half down for a new BLOWER for the upstairs duplex! Goodbye $200 that I thought I could use for the trip to Los Angeles DAMMIT! George was a true BLEEP from the start. Back to AKM at 5:25 and forgot IPA/SPI newsletter material. Worked on it anyway after reprinting correspondence from Brian and Darley. Was depressed as hell. Left at 6:30 for wine from the grocer and home. I’ll be less disappointed if I am asleep, and I’ll work on the newsletter Tuesday morning early.

Tue, Jan 28 —  In at 8:20 after a long night, awake from a nap at 10:30, learned Pete Seeger had died, wrote a long Fb post about him. Could NOT return to sleep. Drank wine to expedite sleep and failed. Must work o IPA/SPI newsletter, even for 5 minutes this morning . . . .Did, but didn’t return. Lost my truck key, and did not leave employer until 8:30 waiting for a key guy to come and make me two new keys. Straight home for dinner and sleep.

Wed, Jan 29 — Up at 6:30 and into AKM at 7:20 to FINISH the IPA newsletter! Completed page 1 but nothing on page two. Work went okay, printed my boarding passes, etc. Very nervous and excited. Tried to avoid George who was absolutely silent about my trip. He didn’t even wish me a good flight when I left at 5. In the meantime I did a bunch of copying and working with AAA mags. To Wal-Mart to get extra memory cards for my cameras and got the wrong one for the Canon. Must return tomorrow and get the right one, DANGIT!  Finished the IPA newsletter and went home at     I’ll work on the AHEC AAC agenda tomorrow morning before the flight. Finished the IPA newsletter and sent it to Brian. Sent a song (Oh Well) to Mary Damiga and drove home for a late dinner and to call it a day early. I didn’t return to Wal-Mart to get the RIGHT memory card for my Canon. Didn’t want to fight the traffic. I’ll buy one on California. Except for the memory card SNAFU, it’s been a solid good day!

Thu, Jan 30 —  In at 8:10 to find an e-mail from United Express that my 1:00 flight to Chicago was CANCELLED. Email and phone call to host Jerri in LA. She masterfully re-booked me on a 6:00 flight to Chicago. I will spend the night there and fly directly to LA on a 7 am Spirit Airlines flight, no stopping at Las Vegas Int’l airport as first planned. About 12:30 walked to Springfield terminal’s Subway “restaurant” and returned to office with a chicken teriyaki salad for lunch. Also picked up my boarding pass. I asked for, and was assigned, a window seat for photography. YAY! 🙂 Will leave office at 5 and walk three hundred feet across my parking lot to the terminal at 5.

Fri, Jan 31 — Boarded Spirit Airlines flight to Los Angeles about 7 CST and arrived Los Angeles about 9:30 PST and had lunch with new friends at Cable Airport’s restaurant. The airport, hosts, climate, hosts’ friends, variety of aircraft — I have ascended to Nirvana! Toured Chino and Flabob airports with Paul Minert driving and really showing me around, bless him! Had dinner with Jerri and several other guests, including my poetry friend from Springfield days, Ryan Carl Reeves, his dad and another fellow from Phoenix, Arizona.

Sat, Feb 1 — Met the pilot of a restored L-5 and flew from Cable Airport to Chino where I sat in the seat of a plane and saw the same view (albeit of LA, and not Italy in WWII) that Hap Arnold and General Mark Clark and artillery directors had seen. What a THRILL! The Air Museum was having its Flying Day, featuring a restored SBD and AAHS was having its annual meeting. Attended the board meeting too, as a visitor. A totally fanTAStic day! I will blog about all this.

About Job Conger

I am a freelance aviation, business and tourism writer, poet, songwriter. My journalism appears regularly in Springfield Business Journal and Illinois Times. I am author of Springfield Aviation from Arcadia Publishing and available everywhere. As founder/director of AeroKnow Museum (AKM) and a volunteer with American Aviation Historical Society (AAHS), I created this blog to share news about AKM activity and aviation history.
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