The Week That Was – October 19 — 25

Sunday, October 19 — In at 9:55. Felt I was living in a null zone, uninspired in he morning. Piddled with office activity. Ate two PB&J sandwiches brought yesterday and worked upstairs moving partly completed models from Process to Intake Room to lessen the clutter. It helped. Cessna Excel crew from NetJets visiied,  returning a passenger who had chartered them for a flight out last week. John Sanford a good

friend from church days in the 80s visited. Great to see him again; promised to return and help. Resumed work on models for the first time in a few months: the Stearmans. Made fair progress. Went home at 7:15.

Monday, October 20, — Was awake for good at 1:30 am. In at 5:35, lounge dark, flight crew napping near the TV. FOUR major biz ac on the ramp. Worked on the draft of an e-book I’m editing for a friend of a friend. Had some nice visitors, one a Lear 35 organ transport pilot heading for Teterboro, New Jersey. Another two, a crew with a PC-12 with the State of Wisconsin in Madison. Work was okay, but found myself sleeping, sitting at my desk in the afternoon. Just for a few minutes. Rewrote more of my friend’s USN flight cadet draft. Lots of AKM scrap pasting in afternoon. Didn’t return to AKM; straight home to meet with Andrew and Kaylee. Very positive encounter.

Tuesday, October 21, — In at 8:25, sunny, cool & calm. Brought the last of the envelopes from home to Process Room, Had a good visit with prospective renters Andrew and Kaylee last night. Worked on the lease application. Worked in Process Room all morning was delighted to find a major piece of a CH-47 kit I thought I had lost, so I worked on the model for awhile. Lots of tweaking there and in the Intake Room. Edited Cadet book copy and did some scrap pasting at work. Had late customers who kept me half an hour after closing, a REAL BOTHER since I had promised to meet new renters about 5:20 at 428. No time at AKM; home fast, called Andrew new renter who came over with his girlfriend and they shampooed carpets. PROGRESS.

Wednesday, October 22 — In at 5:25, Quiet out, a Gulfstream 5 on the ramp; nothing else. Worked on pictures in Welcome Room and models in Process Room. Work went fine. Had a productive plastic model club meeting as well. Departed for home at 9:40, very satisfied with the day.

Thursday, October 23 — Took the September 5 paycheck to bank after checking upstairs and finding Andrew had removed the carpet from the front room (good job, discards on the front porch) and arrived AKM at 8:50. Took Pete Mack and Corky Meyer material to Jane at SAA. Work was okay. Rec’d a note that a friend wanted to donate boxes of avmags, but when I drove out to his T-hangar, no one was there. We later reconnected and arranged to meet Fri afternoon. Early dinner & bed and had a rocky, up and down night.

Friday, October 24 — In at 7:10 through the thickest fog I’ve seen out here. Phot’d a few birds on the ramp: a broken FA-18 that stayed behind, C90 King Air with winglets and a PC-12. Worked on a few models upstairs for half an hour. Work was okay. Photog’d Hangar 3 reconstruction progress. Processed most of the pictures. Departed for grocer and home 7:40.

Saturday, October 25 — In at 7:50, moderate fog and calm. Phot’d a King Air C90 painted in red trim. Don’t see red very much on airplanes these days. Also a few more pics of the F/A-18. Left for home at 6:10. I feel I’m running on empty these days, and will continue until the upstairs duplex is rented.

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About Job Conger

I am a freelance aviation, business and tourism writer, poet, songwriter. My journalism appears regularly in Springfield Business Journal and Illinois Times. I am author of Springfield Aviation from Arcadia Publishing and available everywhere. As founder/director of AeroKnow Museum (AKM) and a volunteer with American Aviation Historical Society (AAHS), I created this blog to share news about AKM activity and aviation history.
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