The Weeks That Were – July 12 — July 25

Sun, July 12 —  In at 8:05 clearing sky and cool. Worked on Walker book. Had no visitors, took a few pictures of an Embraer Legacy and a Green Family Piaggio.  Worked on book, processed a few pictures and posted to Fb.  Back to book until 7:30 and am slowly getting it arranged right.

Mon, July 13 —  in at 6:35, 79 out, calm and clear, but major rain and heat (90 degrees) on the way. Worked on Walker book and AHEC newsletter.
Tue, July 14 —  In at  9:15, very warm, sunny and calm. Am reciting Vachel Lindsay at Rochester Public Library tonight so I brought guitar and sport coat into AKM.  LOTS  to do today! Put Walker book onto zip drive and had Chuck print every page ( $4.80 ) so I could work with page arrangement. Posted a few pics at Fb from yesterday; no reactions at all. Work was another total drag. So was the presentation at Rochester, though everyone was very nice. Two lunch sandwiches for dinner. To bed by 10 :30 and slept well.
Wed, July 15 —   In after paying phone bill at 9:30. Found Piper Comanche pictures I had taken years ago and emailed them to the widow. Resumed arranging Walker book. I’m getting spoiled with photo opportunities. As I left the building I saw a G.IV on the ramp and I DIDN”T go back to the office, grab a camera and take a few fast pics of it. I just went to employer. Which was a drag: very hot, GJ was there most of the time, so most of the time I almost hid behind my computer and tried not to incite another exasperating vocal collision with him. From there I attended and shared poetry at a monthly thing downtown and had a very good time. Home by 8:45, bed by 10 and slept well.
Thu, July 16 — In at 6:50 after arising at 5:30 and piddling with email at home. Many ac on the ramp, overcast, probably threatening rain. Worked on Walker book. Phot’d a Robinson R-66 just before rain hit. Work was okay. Back to AKM, processed pictures from this morning and worked on WALKER until 8:15. I have more pages than I need and don’t know why; how to get things even. Went home via grocer at 8:15.

Fri, July 17 — Hot morning, sunny, in at 10 after arranging the model workshop and office at home (depressed and slow but deliberate, unhurried in the heat with ceiling fans on) and to pharmacy to refill a prescription. Solved the page problem with WALKER . Great to be cool here at office. Work was HOT HOT HOT and not pleasant. I was near catatonic by 3:00 and 5:00 took forever to arrive.  Hot drive back to AKM and  discovered two distant C-130s behind the fuel trucks on the ramp. Trucks in the way. No crew around to give permission to photog. They leave tomorrow sometime. This explains all the cars parked in the overflow lot across from the ANG base. . . .  Worked on WALKER BOOK . . .STILL HAVE  TROUBLE arranging page count! I’m going to have to  visit the local library’s history collection and get some more photos for this expanded production. CHEESES this is a TRIP! Went home at 8:15.

Sat, July 18 — In at 8. Was going to mow the lawns this morning but with the C-130s on the ground, decided to come out and phot their departure. When I arrived, there were probably 200 troops sitting around the entrance to Horizon. Took no pictures of them; didn’t want to make them wonder “who’s THAT guy with the camera and why is he taking pictures of us? Talked with two MPs , and they gave me permission to photog the troops loading when they move out.  Sunny and warm out. I will return home via hardware store and mow the  lawns AFTER they leave. . . Phot’d 130 troop loading and departure from hangar entrance on ramp. Then went home, via Ace Hardware to buy some small branch clippers, mowed both lawns because rain seemed on its way and I knew I’d be tired if I waited until dinnertime. It was hot but cooler than if I had waited. Back to AKM about 12:35 and had vending machine candy for lunch, and that’s fine. Processed this morning’s pictures and worked on Walker book until 6. Processed C-130 pics and posted a few at Fb. Resumed work on WALKER book and STILL DON’T understand the page content problems. By 7:25 had it figured though I will STILL  NEED much more content. Went home via grocer at 7:30.

Sun, July 19 — In at 9:10 after a hot, sweaty and ragged night with a major thunderstorm. Saw a KC-135 at a distant part of the airport terminal ramp, but did not walk over to phot it because I’m expecting contact from volunteer Jack T. and want to be here close. Worked on writing project for Warren S. briefly and back to book. Thank God it’s decently cool out. Took a BUNCH of pictures. Jack S.  spent about three hours volunteering, sorting culled articles. Worked some on Walker book. MUST MAKE an early start MONDAY to do Warren’s writing for him. Went home at 7:20. SATISFIED with the day out here.

Mon, July 20 — In at 9:25 after picking up my new prescription glasses. As soon as I visit the license people downtown and get my new driver’s license I will be “street legal for the first time in about four years. Worked on a music box column writing project for Warren S. who gave me NOTHING in terms of help and expected me to deliver it today. I HATE THIS EFFFFFING INTERRUPTION! I agreed to help, confident he’d give me some FACTS and he DIDN ‘T, DAMMIT! So I received no email from him, no call. Worked on Walker all day until about 4 when Chuck M stuck his head in the door & asked if I wanted to fly with him and a friend to Vandalia in a Chancellor and back to SPI in a 340. YES. We left with Jay L in invited me to fly right seat, and I did. Good fun both ways. Vandalia has a small, one-runway field with a respectable array of T-hangars and a covered picnic area and swings for the kids. Phot’d an abandoned Aerostar. Fine return flight in the cabin of the 340. Great clouds, but marginal pictures due to auto-focus problems and buggy windows. Still had a fine time. Back to the office about 7:30 and processed pictures until 9:50 when I went home, late dinner, bed by midnight and slept well.

Tue, July 21 —  In at 7:15, calm, cool and sunny out. Worked on Walker. Stayed with it all day, took no pics of anything.  Visited Sangamon Valley Collection downtown about 2:00 and Beth kindly copied some pictures from the files of downtown and old airport.  Back to  AKM   about 3:30 and stayed with the BOOK and FINISHED the blue line by 9:45 and then I went home, satisfied with the day.

Wed, July 22 —  In at 10:30 — cool and clear, phot’d an F-15 doing a few touch & goes, Bombardier 600L and Taylorcraft, processed some of the pics — and began catching up with AKM. Bought a sandwich at the terminal SUBWAY and enjoyed it very much. Processed pictures, Phot’d a visiting RU-21 Guardrail  –  amazing looking airplane, Crew were very nice. Model club meet was okay, Jim, Alex and me. Processed more Vandalia flight pics and went home at 9:50.

Thu, July 23 —  In at 8:15 and DREAD returning to employer today. Took a few sunny pics of RU-21 on the ramp. This will be a rocky day. I’m tired from going to bed about 2 a after doing nothing worthwhile at home except eating the last salad. Put things away.  Very sad today. Work was okay. Back to AKM met crew of USN T-34 and took many pictures against the sun, dang it. Processed many of them and went home at 9:45. I hadd been snacking at AKM so no dinner. Checked e and went to bed.

Fri, July 24 —  I at 8:30,  C-12 and many civil birds on the ramp including a CAP 172. Perfect sunny and cool. Phot’d the C-12. Worked in Intake Room half an hour and began sorting miscellaneous models that will be stored, probably until someone throws them away. When I returned downstairs I encountered a  young man (probably 16) looking through open door to WELCOME Room and we chatted as he looked at the models. He was flying back to Mexico with his mom and dad. Went out and phot’d him and dad and their 1960 Beech V Bonanza. Phot’d it and them. To work and had a decent day organizing clippings to bring back to AKM. Back at AKM began processing pics from the earlier visits and became very tired. Napped in pilot lounge 7:15 to 8:15 and felt renewed, much better. Processed pictures until 9:50, went home. Wasn’t hungry because  I’d been nibbling trail mix most of the evening. So I didn’t eat dinner but finished the peanut butter (about four dips of a table knife into the bottom of the jar) drank a little wine and was in bed by 11:20. Slept well.
Sat, July 25 — In at 7:40. Overcast but calm but threatening rain.  It rained a little; not much, and reached 90 at least by late afternoon. Worked in Intake room at least 4 hours. It was HOT but it had to be done. Had an incredible visit from David and Anne Mars from Jackson, MS. Took pics of their Super Cub and processed them. Took a few hours! Great visit. Went home by way of grocer at 8:30. VERY HAPPY WITH THE DAY!

Thanks for reading this post. If you liked what you read here please support AeroKnow Museum. Have great day.

About Job Conger

I am a freelance aviation, business and tourism writer, poet, songwriter. My journalism appears regularly in Springfield Business Journal and Illinois Times. I am author of Springfield Aviation from Arcadia Publishing and available everywhere. As founder/director of AeroKnow Museum (AKM) and a volunteer with American Aviation Historical Society (AAHS), I created this blog to share news about AKM activity and aviation history.
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