The Week that Was — March 9 — March 15

Sun, Mar 9 –  Had a nutty late March 8. Napped about 6 hours after LATE lunch about 4 pm at home and was up til about 5, CDT, slept until 10 and continued to organize the larger, combined bedroom/office. Will leave the second bedroom totally empty. Into AKM office at 12:30, the latest I’ve ever been here when I’ve come at all, and I considered not coming at all. I MUST work on the JT Walker book, AHEC minutes and AAHS/AKM blog in that order after checking email. Put in more than an hour with the book, tweaked the AAHS blog, posted Aviation History Educational Center Board meeting agenda. Very productive day Thanks to CDT I stayed late, working upstairs for an hour before heading home at 7:30.

Mon, Mar 10 — In at 8:20 a after depositing a paycheck. He’s still a month behind. Calm outside, predicting 62 today, HOORAY. I’m still running waaaaay behind; Must spend more time upstairs here.  Work was okay. Am almost done culling articles from aviation magazines, this go round. Back at AKM things were. . . .Confession:  six days later I don;’t remember what I did here after worik Monday.

Tues, Mar 11 — In at 6:50, calm and cool. Wrote a long letter to a friend, and that took most of the time. I”m going to spend more time with poetry and guitar, and that means a return to at least one open mic night a month; maybe more. Work was okay, finished dating a bunch of clippings, George was okay, but I arrived back at AKM tired and hungry.Image Had a fantastic visit from Mark McKenzie and his friend John. Mark’s father managed Captol Aviation for four years. I showed him the museum and he was delighted. So was I. Departed for home at 7:40.

Wed, Mar 12 — In at 6:45 through moderate wind and snow that was enough to require the windshield wipers in transit, melting on the street, staying on lawns. Was invited by R to phot the Grumman Goose that landed last night, parked in a hangar. ImageDid so with escort & went to work. The power was out. Waited until 10:30 for it to come on and it didn’t so returned to AKM and processed hangar Goose pics, later phot’d it outside the hangar and taking off before returning to work which went okay. Image
Back for model club meeting and processed pictures while Kevin, Dan Army father & son did models in conference room. Later spent 8:10 to 9:10 looking for AAHS answers and returned to process pics until they ended the club meet at 9:50

Thu, Mar 13 –  In at 7:50 calm clear sunrise and fast out onto ramp to phot an Air Tractor 602 taking off with another towed to park for fueling. Later phot’d it taking off. ImageProcessed pics all morning. Began indexing a BUNCH of Aviation Week & Space Technology magazines at employer, returned to AKM and processed more Grumman Goose pictures until 7:10 and went home at 7:15, tired and hungry for civil food. Peanut butter straight from the Jif Extra Crunchy jar on a table knife isn’t as satisfying for lunch as it used to be in my younger days, back when I was 65. Slumber is my friend.

Fri, Mar 14 — In at 8:30 after a lousy night, awake most of the time after napping about 9 and awakening about 2;30. Lots of thinking with little anxiety. Processed pictures a few minutes and went to employer. The day was one of the worst I’ve known. Owner runs away from customer requests for calls back like a rabbit runs from a shotgun. It’s really more than pathetic, his contempt for everyone he pays, for everyone he serves AFTER he sells them granite and then avoids like the plague. I feel totally CRUSHED by the day there despite good progress indexing some aviation magazines. Back to AKM and FINISHED processing the Grumman Goose pics and made a big DENT in the Air Tractor pics. Went home at 8:00.

Sat, Mar 15 — Had a decent dinner and a decent night last night. Awake at 4:30, up at 5, practiced guitar 20 minutes, showered and into AKM at 6:05. Calm night, saw three other vehicles en route. Glad to see the new Horizon Aviation sign overlooking the parking lot for the first time, not lit, but there.  Worked on Air Tractor pics and added to the AKM Gallery of Grumman Goose pics. After spending about an hour loading the added Goose pics I discovered they did not POST. DANG, must of added too many. Will try fewer pics, maybe Sunday. Work was BUSYBUSY starting about 10:20 and one long stretch until 12:45 when the place as empty again and I ate lunch. Was there until 2:30, finishing the log and paperwork. Arrived back at AKM tired. For the first time since I started coming here I went into the pilots lounge and closed my eyes for an hour and a half. Napped maybe half an hour but it helped. Back to AKM office and worked on Grumman Goose gallery part 2. Departed for home at 5:50. I’d have stayed here longer, but I’ve been invited to a friend’s party where I will take one of my guitars and hopefully pick and grin and sing awhile.

Thanks for reading.

About Job Conger

I am a freelance aviation, business and tourism writer, poet, songwriter. My journalism appears regularly in Springfield Business Journal and Illinois Times. I am author of Springfield Aviation from Arcadia Publishing and available everywhere. As founder/director of AeroKnow Museum (AKM) and a volunteer with American Aviation Historical Society (AAHS), I created this blog to share news about AKM activity and aviation history.
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