The WEEKS that Were – March 1 — 7 and March 8 — 14

Sunday, March 1 — Stayed inside all day to wait out the heavy anticipated snow. Didn’t bother shoveling. Made excellent progress with models.

Monday, March 2 — Shoveled snow starting about 7 am and was on my way into AKM about 9. Phot’d a Bombardier Challenger 300; nothing special, but I like the jet. Posted a few pics at Fb. Work was fine. Took a bunch of magazines to cull articles from. Back and phot’d the 300 sans Citation. Departed for home at 6:30.
Tuesday, March 3 — Stayed home in the morning since I had to get a pre-surgery physical at the charity health clinic at 11. The physician I met for the first time after waiting in the waiting room for an hour and five minutes. He didn’t even know why he was seeing me! I had to tell him why! Drove directly to employer for another very slow business day in which I culled a lot of articles and clip, mostly from donated Sport Aviations. Photog’d a King Air in the wintery, snow-piled late light. Put some things away upstairs.
Wednesday, March 4 — In at 7:45, overcast & cold, nothing on the ramp. Good to be here before 8 for the first time in a while. Processed pictures and transcribed more of the John Thornton Walker log books into the BIG book project. A normal day.

Thursday, March 5 — In at 9;45 after depositing AKM check. Beautiful sunny and calm but cold day; temp less than 20. Worked on annual NFP report to file with Secretary of State. Took some things upstairs. Kits arrived from a friend. Took the box to employer with me and looked at them there. Work was fine, culled MANY articles from avmags. To an arts event downtown after returning to AKM & getting my guitar and some books & postcards to sell there. Gone for the day at 5:45.
Friday, March 6 — In at 9:15, calm and sunny, 3 birds on the ramp, after filing AKM annual report at Secretary of State’s office and visiting the charity health center re next Tuesday’s cataract operation. OFF TO AN EXCELLENT START! 🙂 Took a bunch if av mags to work and culled articles from most. Had an okay day but as the surgery for the left eye approaches I’m feeling a little anxious, depressed. I need to exercise more, walking when the ice is gone I guess. . . Departed for grocer and home at 6p. I’ll work on models at home.

Saturday, March 7 — In at 9:00. After last night’s post supper nap, I was up from 11 to 4:30, so I know I’m going to have a ragged day, and that’s okay. It will be PRODUCTIVE!  Calm and clear out.. . . . . . .  Had a terrific day: attended a pilots’ seminar at the Illinois Building on the State Fairgrounds, met a family who came to tour the Lincoln sites and also visited AKM’s Welcome Room and I phot’d their Robertson R-44. Phot’d a visiting RV-6A. Photographed the seminar. Attended part of a meeting of AHEC. I was dragging by 2 p but stayed until leaving at 6:15.

Sunday, March 8 — Had a rough attitude night last night after attending a very enjoyable gallery reception. Didn’t get to be until 4:45 after modeling for a few hours and then browsing the web until 4:40. I am wasting too much time browsing the web!. On arrival at AKM about 10 a, processed pictures from the reception. Worked on models upstairs until three Canadian CH-146 Griffons arrived to overnight. The crews showed me their helicopters. Terrific crew, every one of them! Met most of the crews and they toured the entire museum before their hotel ride arrived.

Monday, March 9 — In at 7:40 and was processing CH146 pics when the crews arrived, 14 men. Started another photo album at Fb (Visual Arts 2015) and posted everything from Saturday night. Chatted with a few of the Canadians and photographed the helis leaving the tarmac for departure over 4/22. Work was fine, but I had trouble giving myself a needed prescription eye drop in the afternoon. I FORGOT one of the prescription drops and returned to employer to retrieve it. THEN back to AKM. Processed some more CH146 pics. My mind is really on tomorrow’s cataract operation. Went home at 8:30 and don’t intend to return until Wednesday morning.

Tuesday, March 10 — Did not come to AKM. Instead, had cataract surgery about 9 am at Prairie Eye and Lasik Center, took a cab home and recovered the rest of the day.  The who process was a breeze until I was home again, and I was still feeling the slightly numbing anesthesia. Napped most of the afternoon and felt much better after awakening.

Wednesday, March 11 — In at 10:10 after post surgery exam with Dr. Yeh. I’m not aiming my eye drops well, and she could tell from sup-par progress with the prescriptions I’m taking. I will have to ask Tammy to help at the Horizon FBO office and Chuck at Parkway Printers for the second drops. The third I’ll have to do on my own close to bed time. I’m set for another visit next Monday at 8:45. Phot’d’ a Falcon 2000EX on the ramp, worked on pictures, had a fine day culling articles from almost 100 av mags. Back at AKM phot’d a BK-117, C-21 and posted a few pics. Rob Fisher gave me eye drops and did a great job. Departed for home at 7:20, very happy with the day.
Thursday, March 12 — In at 9:40. Hoped to be here earlier, but I had to wait until 9 to get stroke prescriptions refilled. The pharmacist told me she had to call the physician to refill one of them, so I’ll return tomorrow at 9 and get both of them. Phot’d a PC-12 on ramp. Kevin S. administered my eye drops. Good man. STARTED writing the March Lincoln Flyer. Saw some USAF military boarding a gray C-12 as I walked out, so I rushed back to get camera and photo’d it and them. Work was fine, culled many more articles from av mags. Back at AKM processed pics from this morning, feeling tired, went home at 6:15. Napped after dinner and had a LOUSY rest of the night.
Friday, March 13 — In at 9:45. Note on my windshield from neighbor that my back outdoor faucet is spraying water everywhere. Can’t get to it until I try to find a plumber from work after 11:00. To pharmacy to refill prescription for one of two medicines. The other prescription med is complicated; can’t deal with it until Monday! DAMN! Work was quiet but okay. Finished culling articles from av mags on hand, began separating articles from pages to cut up and aircraft articles from miscellaneous articles. Back to airport and toured a Falcon 20, former FedEx, great crew. Posted a few pics at Fb, attended the model club which went great. Departed for home at 9:25.

Saturday, March 14 — In about 8:30, calm and clearing. Processed a bunch of pictures. Worked upstairs arranging Revell and Monogram kits in a new room of their own. I REALLY need SHELVING! Was ready to do some model building when I went downstairs for a cup of coffee, ran into Mike George and soon after enjoyed a terrific flight to Champaign, IL and back. Arrived back at AKM about 5 :10 and spent the rest of the day processing pictures from the flight. I’m still not DONE. Departed for grocer and home at 8:40, very happy with the outcome of this day.

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I am a freelance aviation, business and tourism writer, poet, songwriter. My journalism appears regularly in Springfield Business Journal and Illinois Times. I am author of Springfield Aviation from Arcadia Publishing and available everywhere. As founder/director of AeroKnow Museum (AKM) and a volunteer with American Aviation Historical Society (AAHS), I created this blog to share news about AKM activity and aviation history.
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